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The Official Anthem Of The Osborne Republic

The Official Anthem Of The Osborne Republic

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This is, and I am not kidding, the Osborne flag

Is “Show and Hell” by Séance Fiction. You are not required to salute. Participation in the mosh pit is also voluntary, though encouraged. Here are the lyrics, ©2007 Evan Clayton, who is a mensch.

Every single day of my life

I have worked to better myself

Striving just to be someone, to do what I want

Fearing no hell

There have been those with the courage to believe

And this support I appreciate

The bullies who looked down at me

And laughed at me and yelled at me

Allow me to demonstrate:

Hey, look what I can do! (x8)


They said that I would be no one

They said that I would be nothing

Well I know a lie when I’m shown one

You can’t take this out of me

Out of me, out of me

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Outcast, reject, these names I know well

Outcast, cast out, outcast, fearing no hell

They said that I would be no one

They said that I would be nothing

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Heavy metal music does not cause mental health problems. Though persistent, this old wives’ tale from the 1980s and the Satanic Panic has never been supported by any actual science. On the contrary, the genuine science shows that metalheads experience improved mental health from listening to their metal, become less angry for listening to “angry” music. Metal has soothed me through so many crises and rough patches in the last 20 years that I think of it as my therapy. This particular track is always a mood-booster. I am too old for the mosh pit now, but the spirit returns every time I listen to it.

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