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A Song About Zombies. Or Voting

A Song About Zombies. Or Voting

Metal music for political times

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This is another track from Séance Fiction, a terrific metal band that was local to me in the first decade of the 21st century. Composed as a song about a necromancer raising an army of the undead, its political implications are unstated, but obvious. Unlike modern woke fare, however, the politics are open to a wide array of interpretations.

Rise can be a song about dead people voting for Democrats in corrupt urban wards. Rise can be a song about brain-dead people voting for Republicans in the countryside. Rise can be a song about Russian fake elections or fake American elections. We can receive Rise as a song about populism, or statism, or any other -ism we please.

Or else Rise can just be a cool double-bass metal track about a necromancer and his zombie army. Whatever the listener wants, the listener gets.

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Rise, rise, rise, wake up and rise

Rise, rise, rise, wake up and rise

Wake up, so energetic, eager to please

You’ll do everything that I’m asking of thee

Don’t believe the others, they were selling a lie

Now you’ll bow unto me

I’m the one who gave you life

Well, who gave you life?

Crawl out of your holes and rally now unto me

I gave you the eyes that all who worship can see

They forgot about you, and now we’ll make them all pay

Form your mind tonight, and you will do as I say

You will do as I say

And I’ll demand this of you

And I’ll command this of you

I will not stand here just to be defied

Just think of how long that you’ve lain here asleep

Now you’re moving again, and that was because of me

Just do as I say, I will keep you alive

We’ll make them all see the undead have arrived


You will not stray from me or question why


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