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A Song About People Who Suck

A Song About People Who Suck

Psychic vampires that want to drink your life-energy
I made this with an AI in ten seconds because that is all the time I have to spare for people who suck. Good rule of thumb: if you wish there was an AI for responding to someone and pretending to be you, forever, to that person, they are probably undead

This is a song by Séance Fiction, the same band that is responsible for the Anthem of the Osborne Republic linked at the bottom. Whenever you encounter the energy-draining vampires of social media, remember that they existed in real life too, in the before-times of dial-up, when our phones were flip and dumb, and music was the way of life.

Dust off your self-protection skills. Maintain your boundaries without fear or favor. And don’t hang around with people who suck at your life-energy. Reject them. Don’t be afraid to get called names just because you know how to say “no” to an alleged adult who desperately needs to grow up and learn to cope with that word. The names they call you are badges of honor. Wear those names with pride.

Won’t you stop following me? Should not have invited you here.

Yet still that face I do see, it’s drawn increasingly near.

I never wanted you here, now tell me what can I do?

When you’re just like a disease, I’ll never get rid of you.


And I can tell when you’re near me,

And I can tell when you’re listening.

I can tell just what you want from me:

To suck away what is vital to me.

Refer a friend

But I’ve seen you sit there and wait for another to come.

I’ve seen you throw what’s left away just as soon as you are done.

Well how long ‘til you let go, until you leave me empty, or low?

How long until you cease, until you suck the life out of me?

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Well this parasite on me I can’t get away from,

Sure that eventually everyone gets one

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