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A Song For Rafah

A Song For Rafah

As the tunnels close in on Hamas

This song has been on my mind since 7 October. Despite the best efforts of the weakest president in my lifetime to save Hamas from destruction as a military organization, the IDF is moving on Rafah today. No amount of sniveling campy college activism will stop Israel from ending Yahya Sinwar’s reign of terror in Gaza.

“Peace Means Reloading” is a track by Séance Fiction, a long-lost indie metal band that is also responsible for the official anthem of the Osborne Republic. I recall telling the band that the stretches of single-snare rhythm resembled the rate of fire of a 30mm cannon and they liked that. Am Ysrael chai.

Time honored tradition would have that

a man accused of a crime must be then proven guilty

before a fitting sentence can be passed.

But then there are those who repeatedly rape, and maim,

lie, cheat, and steal, living only to cause us all pain.

Mindlessly we stand by, shiftless and aghast.


But we are victims no more, given up on wasted caring.

We’re unified by one cause, put an end to a transgressing.

No don’t you beg for reprieve, peace only means we’re reloading.

Now this is where we stand, now this is where they shall fall.

Your evil deeds put to an end, punishment and justice for all.

Now we’re fresh out of forgiveness, a bit low on understanding,

Now our patience pushed right to its end

Because some people just need killing.

Refer a friend

And it matters not if you say that you have found God.

After what you’ve done, we’ll arrange for you to meet Him.

Justice comes late for some, but for you it’s today.

Let there be a day that our bleeding hearts dry up,

spent tolerance, that risk from which all you bastards now fade.

What mercy was offered those on whom you preyed?


The time has come when preyed on shall return for their prey

But why do we wait until tomorrow when so many suffer

Longing for what could be done, what should be done today?

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