Jul 14 • 6M

Ladd Ehlinger Dishes On Alleged Pedophile Ali Alexander

Grooming grifter awaits adjudication

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My website. Who knows what will become of it.
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Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger talked in my Twitter space a couple of weeks ago to reveal some disturbing past behavior by Trump superfan and 1/6 organizer Ali Alexander. Ladd and I have been calling out this man’s grift and grooming of young men for a decade. Politics were never the point with Ali and his activities were never really about winning that kind of power. He is a deeply narcissistic and depraved person. I look forward to a day when he is held accountable for his crimes by a jury of peers.

May he rot.

Ladd is still finishing the video about Ali that he was working on. He tells me it has been delayed by the need to incorporate new information.


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