Hey, Matt. Happy to subscribe to your sub stack. Let me provide some additional context to the Akbar/Rove situation.

Back in the day when all of this was going on, I posted that photo of Akbar wearing the Obama mask, waving $20 bills in somebody's face. I intended to use that photo to promote some merchandise on the website Zazzle. Zazzle took my image down, claiming it was intellectual property claimed by someone else. I asked them who made the claim, and I was informed it was Karl Rove and was given the email address of the person who made the claim. It was a staffer for Mr Rove. I wrote to that staffer and asked how Mr Rove could make a claim on the image of someone else. The staffer wrote back to me and said Mr Rove took the photo and therefore he owned the copyright to it.

As all these things come out about Akbar, the more I believe that if anyone paid even the slightest attention to the things we were writing about the little pedophile back in 2012, he might have been stopped before we could do all the damage he's done.

Be well. Keep up the fight.


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