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Does Anyone Still Care About Brett Kimberlin?


Last year, a number of conservative blogging idiots from the Breitbart goon squad came into my Twitter timeline trying to discuss a man named Brett Kimberlin. I was not interested in someone I had never heard of, but I was curious why they seemed to want to discuss this person instead of the con artist I had discovered in StopRush. So I asked my friends who Brett Kimberlin was.

Repeating: when Lee Stranahan came looking to tie me to an obscure liberal activist, I had to ask my friends what the hell he was talking about.

But Stranahan is still selling this stupid fairy-tale today. Even when his own fans ask him to move on, he cannot, because his entire career is now fully invested in a tinfoil hat notion that liberal bloggers are secretly conspiring to hurt his family. Rather than step back and reassess, he has entered the bunker:


The Kimberlin Konspiracy is no longer fresh hell; it is old, stale heck. Only a handful of conservative bloggers are interested in continuing the charade anymore, and like Stranahan, all of them have made the mistake of hitching their credibility to Kimberlin-mania. They have no fallback from this position, so it is the hill they must die on.

But theirs is no longer even an entertaining conspiracy theory. There are two main reasons. First, its backers have lost a series of court decisions; judges, it turns out, require something called “proof” — which the Kimberlidiots conspicuously lacked. (Judges also order discovery, which accidentally disproved major elements of their conspiracy theory.) Second, Kimberliniacs have gone to the fundraising well too many times with their claims of harassment and intrigue, but have not garnered enough mainstream credence to justify themselves. Frankly, they are the only ones who care anymore; nobody else does.


As the promulgators of Kimberlin-mania were doing such a bang-up job of destroying their own credibility, it has never once been necessary for me to analyze Brett Kimberlin’s shady past in this blog. I still don’t know much about Kimberlin, and only know enough to be sure that I don’t care about him. Stranahan still does care, desperately, so everyone he has pissed off in pursuit of his nutty conspiracy theory is now seekritly conspiring against him.

Because really, it’s all about him, isn’t it? That’s what actually does tie this all together. Debunk Stranahan, mock his lunacy, or call attention to his previous careers of scamming and pornography, and you will become a sinister agent of Brett Kimberlin, too. Your own words will be the only proof he needs.

UPDATE: Digging himself ever deeper, Stranahan doubles-down on the stupid. Pointing to a pair of quotes in a previous post of mine, he insists that I am “defending Kimberlin” by debunking his horseshit:

To put that fact in quotes is to call it into question. To call it a ‘narrative’ is to call it into question. It’s defending Brett Kimberlin because questioning the simple truth that he’s a convicted domestic terrorist benefits nobody but Brett Kimberlin.

And it’s forehead-slappin’ time, because the question isn’t what Brett Kimberlin did or didn’t do in 1979. The accusation Stranahan makes today is that Kimberlin is secretly organizing a terror campaign against Lee Stranahan now, and that I am secretly part of that nefarious terror campaign at this time. Which, again, is utter horseshit.

Meanwhile, in one of his tweets tonight Stranahan indicates that he’s due to receive some kind of award at the CPAC Blogbash party for his “activism.” Blogbash is an activity of Ali Akbar’s National Bloggers Club, which is as heavily-invested in Kimberlin-fearmongery as Stranahan, making it quite clear now what Stranahan’s game is all about. Like I said: it’s all about him.

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