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Patterico’s Friend Aaron Walker Is Not A Very Good Lawyer

Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico is a good friend of Aaron Walker, the primary right-wing blog martyr in the Brett Kimberlin narrative. Basically, Walker tried to insert himself into a civil case that was none of his business: Kimberlin was trying to win protection from Seth Allen, a mentally-ill conspiracy theorist and obsessive troll convinced of the notion that Kimberlin runs the entire liberal blogosphere.

Walker made several mistakes. At one point, he tried to use his blogging pseudonym, “Aaron Worthing,” in court. At another point, he grabbed Kimberlin’s iPad and drew an assault charge. This story is quite muddled — even the esteemed Alex Pareene had trouble understanding it — but Walker became a blog celebrity at the cost of his job as an attorney, and has claimed to be a victim of Kimberlin ever since.

Walker’s pseudonymous blogging had included “Everyone Draw Muhammad,” a blog designed to incite Islamist violence. Frey had even let Walker link to it in his blog, where he had posting privileges under his pseudonym. Once Kimberlin had his real name, however, Worthing alerted his employers that he was in danger of being exposed to terrorists — and they responded by firing him immediately.

Below is an essential document for understanding the Brett Kimberlin narrative: an email from Walker’s boss, who brought in outside counsel to ensure a smooth firing. It was included in discovery during Walker’s most recent failed lawsuit against Kimberlin in a federal court, and dispels the notion that Kimberlin had any part in Walker losing his job. This email also makes Walker seem like a pretty bad employee and a rather poor attorney. Its inclusion in the discovery materials suggests he has had mediocre representation, too, despite the pro bono assistance of super-PAC lawyer Dan Backer.

But remember, the blogwar is not meant to be won; it is meant to be continuous, so that conservative blog readers keep hitting the PayPal button and supporting Aaron Walker, who no longer has a job. See how that works?


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