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Their Right To Life Ends At Birth

The Republican Party became uniformly and absolutely pro-life during the same period in which it turned to tax cuts as religion. Christian morality got sucked out of the contemporary party’s policy and has been replaced with Ayn Rand’s morality. Via ThinkProgress:

State legislators in Michigan held a hearing on Tuesday to consider House Bills 5684 and 5685, which would allow taxpayers to receive tax relief for unborn fetuses past 12 weeks’ gestation. The proposed legislation is an odd push for Michigan Republicans, partly because Progress Michigan notes the state slashed tax credits for children last year — meaning that although parents living in Michigan do not qualify for additional tax breaks to offset the cost of caring for their own children, they could soon be able to claim a tax credit for an unborn fetus.

This is not an outlier policy, but the purest expression of pro-life thinking. The government has a compelling interest in gestation, and only in gestation; since a fetus is a person, it not only follows that this person must be born, but also that this person receive no assistance from the state upon leaving the womb.

Because there is a tremendous moral hazard in supporting the already-born. It is better for children to go hungry in the cold and dark than become dependent on the gummint titty and learn to expect, y’know, free stuff.

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