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Sheriff Arpaio To Wage Actual War On Illegal Immigration

Remember the joke about tyrannical regimes shooting people who try to escape? “Fighting Joe” Arpaio wants to defend Maricopa County, Arizona from the threat of undocumented brown people trying to escape:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says, “Once again the entry into Maricopa County from Mexico by illegal aliens does not seem to have subsided by evidence of numerous arrests made by my deputies. Aside from their determination to get away we will continue to make every effort to pursue and apprehend human smugglers as well as drug traffickers. More and more illegal aliens are attempting to escape which places my deputies in dangerous positions. In the near future I will be issuing automatic weapons for all my deputies”.

A few bursts of automatic fire will ensure that none of the scary poors get away next time, right? A few trenches are probably in order, plus lots of barbed wire and maybe even land mines. We must defend our freedom more literally until Mexico understands they cannot possibly prevail.

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