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Everyone Is Abusing Heather Chase Now (Except Lee Stranahan)

Bullshit is an art created through four distinct stages: invention, inflation, conflation, and convolution. The last is perhaps the most important, as the outside observer must contend with such a tangle of lies and half-truths that they generally give up in frustration, adopting whatever story best fits their conception of the universe. But I believe I can untangle what’s unfolding right now. Here is Lee Stranahan telling the world that I have abused Heather Chase:

Matt Osborne did not try to intimidate anyone — not unless the definition of the word has been changed to mean “repeating back what you just said.” Yes, it was Chase herself who suggested the idea she should get out of politics altogether:

That is part of an email exchange I had with Heather last week. And I was in fact dealing straight, because I have a vested interest in putting an end to Jason Wade Taylor’s career before he actually hurts someone. But bear in mind that Heather Chase helped create “Randy Hahn,” and not just by giving him the StopRush emails and recordings. She actually tried to “manage” Taylor. Here’s another gem from that email chain with Heather:

“Lee” is Lee Stranahan, who Chase has also been “managing” ever since he contacted her in the course of investigating the “illegal StopRush recording” story at the beginning of June. Stranahan now says that he never trusted “Randy Hahn,” who gave him her phone number as a reference. But on the afternoon of the day that “Randy Hahn” was being unmasked in my blog, this was Stranahan in my Twitter stream:

Those are not the tweets of someone interested in the truth about Jason Taylor, who he was still calling “Randy.” Curiously, I was trying to protect myself and my friends from the very person Stranahan is now calling “dangerous”…to Heather Chase. Yes, now that Heather feels threatened, suddenly everyone understands that Taylor is dangerous.

The key fact which untangles this mess is that Chase has been using Stranahan throughout the entire “Randy Hahn” story. In my conversation with Chase, she told me that she had engineered the breakup of Stranahan and his former employer, Brooks Bayne. She has communicated with him all Summer. Their children play video games — they’re good friends!

She’s using Stranahan again now, and more than ever, because she has lost control of the situation. Too many puppets no longer respond to her manipulation.

Heather emailed me immediately after deleting her 10,660-word Google document last week. We talked on the phone, and she explained that Taylor had recorded some of their conversations, and that she was afraid he would use them to make her seem crazy. We also discussed getting Taylor arrested for cyberstalking and threats. Shortly after we hung up, she sent me a series of text messages and called back, saying that the post had infuriated Taylor, who had threatened her.

Only through another source 36 hours later did I learn that Taylor claims to have extremely damaging recordings of Chase discussing key figures in the @Shoq “abuse” smear — a campaign now being extended to me, of course. Taylor announced he would play portions of them on BlogTalkRadio over the weekend, by which time Heather had deleted her email address and suspended her Twitter account.

Stranahan called at the start of Taylor’s program, eating up the first hour of the show (and delaying broadcast of the recordings). Immediately after hanging up on the show, Stranahan went active on Skype, and a quick check of Stranahan’s podcast revealed that a special edition with Heather Chase was suddenly in progress. They are doing another show as I write this.

It’s damage control, and I’m supposed to take the damage.

Heather Chase is legitimately afraid of Jason Taylor. She is also afraid that his recordings will legitimize everything I have ever said about her actions. Heather Chase offered me damaging information on Stranahan during our phone conversation, so he should understand that he is exactly as expendable to her as anyone else in this story.

Stranahan is telling people that she is afraid of me while he plays the white knight for her. Given the way he treated Taylor’s other victims, that is a truly nauseating turn from Andrew Breitbart’s favorite hack.

UPDATE: Aaand she’s back! For how long? Start from the bottom:

I never once called this woman a “slut” or a “whore,” and whereas Taylor seems to have a recording of her talking about her sex work (why does she talk about that with so many “abusive men”?), I frankly don’t find that part of Heather’s bio very interesting. I am much more concerned with why she would ask Taylor’s victims not to talk about her on Wednesday morning until at least Monday, then run to Stranahan and dish about us on Saturday night at midnight.  This woman’s stories consistently make no sense and she keeps making horrible choices.

This is utterly untrue. I told Heather we were vetting the information she gave us, and that we would begin calling the detective one by one as soon as we knew it was all legit. Because we aren’t into letting Heather “manage” us, if you know what I mean?

Oh, please yes, let’s make that the issue! There has been some controversy today about a recording, allegedly of Jason Taylor, calling and threatening Lee Stranahan with bodily harm. The problem is that it doesn’t sound like Randy to those of us who’ve been listening to his podcast. Remember what I said about convolution?

Which we did. Taylor’s StopRush victims have begun reaching out to offer information to her detective contact in Houston. Many of us would be doing that now, but Heather has slowed things down with her appearances on Stranahan’s podcast. I’m just sayin!

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