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Lee Stranahan Calls the Police to Silence a Liberal, Fails

Police arrived at the Maryland home of Liberal blogger Bill Schmalfeldt, aka The Liberal Grouch, last night just after he had finished posting a new fundraiser for Lee Stranahan’s dental work. Stranahan, who blogs for, says Schmalfeldt “threatened” him by republishing address information that Stranahan had given him:

The cops see old, trembly me with my walker, my cancer survivor wife on the couch, apologizes and leaves.”

And this, just MOMENTS after Lee Stranahan tweeted about a new threat on his life.

If you are threatening the life of Lee Stranahan, stop it right now.

Me, I’m glad the cops are so responsive.

The officer left, but he came back.  I invited him in to look at my computer.  We went through my blog and he saw that the pictures I posted of the inside of Stranahan’s house are freely available right here. I did not come into anyone’s house, and Stranahan sent me his address when I applied for his Bloggy Class.  We looked at my Twitter stream.  He saw I made NO threats to ANYONE.  In fact, my blog was clear about anyone thinking about doing anything NOT doing anything because it would be BAD!

Stranahan later admitted to making the police report on Twitter:

Lee has spent the day pushing this fabricated nonsense on Twitter. He has transitioned, however, claiming now that Schmalfeldt threatened to “rape” his family. All of these “threats” are ridiculous contrivances, which are nothing new for Lee.

In June, he accused a prominent progressive Twitter user of a criminal act, even though the charge was entirely based on the secondhand word of a hoax personality enacting a smear.

In his blog, Schmalfeldt has been tracking Stranahan’s long and continuing history of self-dealing: Stranahan is a lying, fabricating scam artist. He confesses a journey to conservatism that begins with Ayn Rand, so he probably thinks himself a regular Galtian superman right about now.

But Lee is actually just a punk who likes to bully people.

He has made a mistake, though, because Schmalfeldt is not intimidated. He now says that he will pursue charges against Stranahan. Despite suffering from advancing Parkinson’s, Schmalfeldt remains strong and well-humored.

I am not so well-humored, because I have seen too much of this behavior from Stranahan. For example, he obsesses about random Twitter users in his blog and then deletes their comments when they set him straight. Like the rest of the wingnutosphere, his persecution narratives are just psychological projection.

Stranahan works for, the same website where Chris and Dana Loesch yap about #TwitterGulag, but it is Schmalfeldt whose Twitter account has been suspended at least twice in recent months for asking right wing bloggers uncomfortable questions related to the National Bloggers Club (NBC).

While researching a related story this weekend, I confirmed a report that Stranahan also played “enforcer” with Paul Lemmen, the conservative blogger who first called foul on Ali Akbar and NBC. As Alex Brant-Zawadski reported yesterday, the NBC is a fraudulent charity, and merely the latest questionable Akbar venture.

The timing of this attempted intimidation seems very suspicious to me. Tea Party conservatives demanded accountability from the NBC last week, and Brant-Zawadzki reported that former NBC Director Bill Murphy had become Social Media Director for the Romney campaign without ever listing his role at the NBC on his resume.

Is Stranahan acting like a mafia goon, threatening and intimidating the NBC’s critics? Schmalfeldt has reportedly spurred an IRS investigation into their activities, so to me this whole story smells like obstruction of justice. Somebody wants to change the subject away from right wing criminality to imaginary liberal threats.

It’s not going to work.

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