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Mitt Romney Goes to Comic-Con

There are some places where having an opinion and expressing it will not cause any problems. A convention of nerds is not one of those places.

Happy Nerd Prom!

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  • Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, most “nerd conventions” are better.  While you’ve got the obnoxious know-it-alls (of course, these can be found EVERYWHERE), most diehard fans IN PERSON will, at least, respect another fan’s differing opinion(s) (even when the other fan is completely wrong).

    What would NOT be respected is the way Mittens was being portrayed with his speeches.  NO fan is going to respect someone who says one thing then 180s as completely as Mittens is doing here (with the Trek and GL bits) or is as obviously clueless (with the Bond bit).  Yes, I can imagine San Diego burning to the ground (or at least the Comic Con site) following a speech by Mittens that sounded like that.  Then again, no speaker–especially one of the pros–is going to make any vapid speeches like any of those.

    (And FWIW, most of the “nerd rages” are more typical in stores, not at the cons.  Nearly everyone attending a con goes there for FUN–it’s the “after-hours” that you’ve got to watch out for.  That’s when the nerds go online and start posting the “worst ______ ever” comments.  Five gets you ten that a nerd attending one of the panels or standing in line will actually make a similar outrageous comment in the middle of a live crowd.  The reason:  You’re there as a GUEST.  You’re expected to abide with a certain amount of decorum.  And really, if you don’t have anything better to do at a Con, especially Comic Con, than stand in line to see someone for hours on end just to get to the table or booth and insult the person, then you really do NOT have a life.  When I go to a Convention, I don’t go to the tables/booths of people I don’t like–they’re simply not worth my time, especially if there’s a panel I want to attend in 20 minutes and the line’s at least 30 minutes long.  I’d rather go to the creators I like and chat with them–especially the older creators whose tables are less busy.  Maybe that’s just me.)

    Overall, though, the bit was funny. 

  • Jerry Rolex

    OK…so Mitt goes to a comic book convention in San Diego – and can’t decide which ‘Star Trek’ TV series he likes best.  Then, he goes off on another tangent about James Bond movies that is surprising vague.  Yes, maybe Mitt has seen at least one Bond film in his life…but that was a long, long time ago.  The audience at this “nerd convention” looks rather bored by all this 007 talk; they’d rather hear Mitt talk comics and such.  But, the Green Lantern part of his speech is even more frustrating for this crowd.  They riot and burn the city.  Mitt is surprised at all this rioting and burning – but is honored all the same.  Somewhere,  a very large man comments about the fiery chaos.  The term “nerdrage” is coined.  Stan Lee, the famous cartoonist, is found to still be living somewhere…possibly in the burning city of San Diego.  Stan is very sick – not doing so well at all.  But, he’s “hanging in there.”  Let’s hope he gets better.

  • I think this is more a comment on Romney than fandom. Hang around here and you’ll discover that Magic Love Hose & I are as geeky and opinioned about our geekery as any two people on the planet.

  • I have to say, this is one of my favorites.

  • Mitt Romney maintains ownership of Bain Capital and yet denies all responsibility for it. Take that and make it a Comic convo speech. Funny!

    “Nerdrage” has been around since before the internet. Visit Reddit any day and find your sampler platter of nerdrage.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been to a recent local nerd con. I had a great time and would go again. It was like visiting the Justice League Watchtower for a day, surrounded by men and women dressed in the flags of imaginary countries.

    But a packed convention hall filled with people in hot costumes in the summertime is a recipie for flared tempers – I saw my fair share. This is not just fans, but humans in general. And the joke here is that by trying to please everyone, Mittens pisses everyone off instead. (And an entire city burns because I’m lighthearted like that.)

  • I’d love to see what would happen if Romney spoke at an anime convention. Picture it:

    “I love Otakon!  I love the colored hair. The eyes are just the right size. Speed Racer was vastly superior to Voltron, which was head and shoulders above it.”