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Honey, I Found the Voter Registration Fraud

There is a dire psychological projection to the fraudulent war on fraudulent voting. Because the actual, real, not-imaginary examples of systematic voter registration fraud always bear a Republican stamp. Brad Friedman has the details:

The head of a firm which was paid some $50,000 by the Republican Party in Sacramento to sign up new Republican voters this year has “an extensive criminal history, including a prison sentence for stealing from a family she befriended and buying a van with funds stolen from a youth agency.”

Moreover, one of the employees that “professional con-artist” Monica Harris, the head of the GOP’s Momentum Political Services, hired to work with her at the firm, where she was paid per Republican registration, recently pleaded guilty to fraud charges in a multimillion-dollar mortgage scheme.

Yeah, but, you know — scary new black panther with a stick! And so on. The current career of James O’Keefe III can be summarized as a snipe hunt for evidence of rampant fraudulent voting. It’s a right-wing obsession on a par with the presidential birth certificate.

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