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Wisconsin Idiocracy

Stacy Hintz has my sympathy. If you haven’t heard, the 28-year old mother was fired from her volunteer job leading a Girl Scout troop in Wisconsin because she included a link to her husband’s website, Wisconsin Sickness, in an email to a parent that catalogued her various activities. This is a critical point: no child ever knew anything about any website. It was only when she opened up to a childish adult that she ran into trouble. Wisconsin Sickness isn’t graphic or Satanic, though it is meant for adults — much like Osborne Ink. Hintz has been fired for being an adult with an active mind. I suppose I might expect the same in her shoes, as American culture has been infantilized beyond measure.

I confess some familiarity with her situation. My own Cub Scout troop had an active Dungeons & Dragons game going in the mid-1980s until one parent read an “informational” brochure about the game, banned her child from playing, and told the other parents about it. One mother went so far as to throw her child’s prized and well-thumbed manuals into the trash.

Anyone old enough to remember the ridiculous scare over D&D will recognize that the same “logic” has been applied to Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, and anything that might stretch a child’s imagination further than the Book of Leviticus. The same puritanical Christianity has been at work in the Scouts for decades: atheists, agnostics, and homosexuals need not apply.

Needless to say, my time in Cub Scouts came to an abrupt end. So has Hintz’s participation in Girl Scouts, which was exemplary prior to her firing. Nothing on her husband’s website reaches the level of depravity ascribed to an orc horde in those first edition AD&D books, but her firing isn’t really about content:

She was asked to meet with the co-leader of the troop today, a woman who previously praised my wife for everything she did, with the expectation that Stacy would voluntarily step down from all involvement with the troop, including attending outings with our daughter, because she was clearly evil and involved in demonic activities.

This woman even brought a Bible to the meeting.

She was offended by the presence of Ed Gein on the site. Nate’s article that mentions all the porn stores here in Wisconsin is offensive. Examining the presence of evil in the human mind must mean you’re working for the devil. She even pointed out that Wisconsin contains the word sin.

This woman claims that, as a big a part of her life as Wisconsin Sickness is, it must ripple into all other parts of life, though she could not name anything in particular besides being late to two meetings. Anyone who knows Stacy knows she is late to everything all the time and it has nothing to do with her work. It has everything to do with her having more responsibilities in her volunteer work than she has time to keep track of. Poor punctuality is not the work of the devil.

The fear that an adult with an active mind will somehow taint the children is as old as witch trials. Mrs. Hintz has met that fear. Ironically, Wisconsin Sickness studies the dark underside of a state that hatched two of the most notorious serial killers in American history and bears a reputation for being ghost-ridden. That Wisconsin is probably too much for the minds of small children, which is why Mrs. Hintz never spoke of it to her troop, but it is apparently also too much for the so-called adults.

Idiocracy is an adult creation. The infantilization of culture never starts with children — it just happens in the name of protecting them. The outcome is stupid, naive adults who lack coping mechanisms for the horrors of the real world. Minds and souls are never, ever ‘saved’ by this kind of behavior: ignoring the sickness does not make it go away.

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