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Calvin & Hobbes Transmogrifier Homage

The ultimate car culture meme: every pedestrian is a potential Hitler, therefore you should drive more recklessly.

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  • Anonymous

    “You should drive five miles an hour slower as it gives you far more stopping room in case you kill a pedestrian, or worse, run into something more solid than yourself.”

    “Oh yeah well HITLER!”

    How come the announcer doesn’t point out that killing Hitler would unravel the space-time continuum, HUH? Of course, the announcer probably rejects the science of time travel.

  • Jerry Rolex

    This is a common Marxist/Socialist strategy – induce a state of cognitive dissonance in the minds of the masses concerning certain freedoms they want to take away from you.  Drive fast?  Drive slow?  Hit an innocent bystander?  Hit Hitler(sounds kinda catchy!!)?  Or…should I just not go anywhere at ALL?  In fact, who needs a f**king car anyway??  I need a drink…when’s that big game gonna be on?? 

  • Okay, I kinda feel bed, but I laughed.

  • I’m not anti-car, Jerry. I just think that it should be possible to live and work in America without being forced to own a car. When streets aren’t safe to walk or bike and there are no good transit choices, it’s a *MANDATE* for automobiles. To me, that’s UN-American.