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Tyrion Lannister’s Flawless Victory Open Thread

Open thread fundraiser. Now everyone please slap themselves silly // and please oh please // drop some cash in the kitty!

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  • Matt, that is priceless and it made me smile. Thank you!

  • Thank you for dropping in, Irish!

  • Pahahahaha.  As I’ve said, Peter Dinklage deserves the Emmy.  If he doesn’t get it, blood EVERYWHERE.

  • [email protected] We should so start an online petition for Dinklage’s Emmy.

  • Found on John Roger’s Twitter a while back.

    Having just finished reading Game of Thrones, I am looking forward to watching the series. Normally I’m not a big fan of fantasy (I play D&D because if you play RPGs, fantasy is about the only game in town) but Game of Thrones seems to nicely underline why: because living in medieval society would be shitty as all hell, for everybody, and that includes you. 

    From what I’ve seen, the miniseries gets perfect casting for just about everyone, and I will miss Ned Stark even more than I normally would, all thanks to Sean Bean.

  • I haven’t gotten to watch the whole show, but what I’ve seen has been awesome. And you’re right, GOT is cool because the fantasy society is covered in shit and life there is cheap.

  • The whole season is very, very good.  I’m reading through the book now, and it’s interesting just how close to the book the TV show is.