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Play “Spot The Muslim”

The FOX News fear factory keeps endorsing “profiling” as a sensible, small-government alternative to the TSA. It’s a useful narrative: not only does it excuse the idiotic bigotry of stupid expectations and keep unreasoning fear alive, it also lets Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera point at their own minority status while doing so. It’s another piece of the ‘see? We’re not racists!’ frame conservatives love so desperately.

The problem, as I’ve said before, is that “Muslim” is not an effective description for profiling. So as a public service, I offer this set of photos containing three actual, real, not-imaginary terrorists. Can you spot them all? Let’s hope so, because only one of them has to get past airline security to scare the shit out of everybody!

Answers below the fold…

Of the eight photos, three are of terrorists; but only two are Muslims, and one of them isn’t a terrorist. Top to bottom, left to right:

Sikh man. Sikhs are not Muslims, although they look alike to the untrained eye. Sikhs are also known for carrying tiny daggers as symbols of nonviolence.

George Habash. A Palestinian Christian from the Greek Orthodox tradition, his faction of the PLO was by far the most militant and aggressive — especially with airline hijackings.

Ali Montazeri. A reformist cleric who fell out with Khomeini over human rights issues, he died in 2009 as a virtual prisoner of the Iranian regime.

Carlos the Jackal. A Venezuelan communist and sociopath, his belief-system has been warped for a long time. Since he got caught and sentenced to jail in France, he’s been a Muslim; until then, he was an atheist.

Velupillai Prabhakaran. The leader of the Tamil Tigers, he invented suicide bombing. A lapsed Methodist leading a mostly-Hindu revolutionary movement, his movement began to die after Muslim Tamils defected to the Buddhist Sinhalese government.

Jain man. Jainism is among the world’s most ancient religions. Emphasizing nonviolence and acceptance toward all living beings, members are encouraged to give up meat and abstain from absolutism.

Zabihollah Mahrami. A Baha’i who died in Iran in 2005 after ten years’ imprisonment. Using the naked eye, Iran’s Bahai population is indistinguishable from its Muslims. The chances of a Baha’i wearing a bomb, however, are infinitesimally small.

Zoroastrian man. The ancient religion of pre-Islamic Persia has suffered oppression in its homeland while thriving in the west and India. It has seen a new wave of interest from young Iranians turned off by the orthodoxy of official Shi’a religion.

Of course, this photo-set is also all-male. Given that female suicide bombers have shown up in Jordan, the West Bank, and Iraq, I wouldn’t put it past Al-Qaeda to recruit them for flights to the United States, either — but all I’d need to do is post a pic of Benazir Bhutto’s assassin to make the same point. Or I can do this:

All of those men are terrorists; all of them used bombs. None of them is Muslim.

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  • Moabsocialist

    According to these photos 30% of terrorists have mustaches, and 60% are clean shaven. Good thing my face is as hairy as a bear’s back end. No wonder I can sail through the TSA screening with only a friendly tug on the genitals.

  • Comment of the day.

  • Zirgar

    Note of interest about Jainism: Jains often wear masks over their mouths and noses, lest they inhale and accidentally kill an insect or some other similarly small creature, their respect for life (ALL life) being that stringent. Bahais are almost this life affirming themselves. And ironically, the anniversary of the death of the great Zoroastrian rock star, Farrokh Bulsara, aka Freddie Mercrury was on Nov. 24th. The fact is, as you say, one simply cannot profile a Muslim based on appearance, unless one doesn’t really care about targetting the right people and wants simply to fuck with all them ferners, ‘cuz, you know, they all hate Merka anyway, so it’s just a matter o’ time before they come a bombin’. It would be like targetting all Christians based on a European cultural phenotype, which is not only a false connection, as your post shows, but even the European phenotype is too varied to be of real value. The fact is, unless the terrorist in question is a complete fucking moron, s/he is not going to do/say anything that will attract undue attention, such as wearing “Muslim garb.” A terrorist is a like a toupee: if it gets noticed it’s usless.

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