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Cheneys Are Exactly Wrong

The first Guanatanamo detainee civilian trial has begun. The defense is simple:

Defense attorney Steve Zissou, however, described Ghailani as an unwitting “dupe” for al-Qaida. His client, he said, “ran errands” for longtime friends he believed were legitimate businessmen – not terrorists.

Unlike others involved in the plot, Ghailani “did not go to training camps. He did not get indoctrinated,” the lawyer said. “It is not his hatred. He is neither a member of al-Qaida nor does he share their goals.”

Later, he added: “He was with them, but he was not one of them.”

Please note that I neither defend Ghailani nor condemn him. That is not the point. What’s missing from that defense, you see, are the leaked secrets and grandstanding the Cheney family kept warning us would happen because the “law enforcement paradigm” is wrong for the Global Wars on Terrors™. Turns out they are exactly wrong about that, and every such trial  from henceforth will only prove it further.

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  • Nate

    Sometimes I think…what if Dick Cheney turned out to be Glenn Beck’s long-lost father. That would make Liz his half-sister. All three have a propensity towards fearmongering.