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Anwar al-Awlaki Is A Traitor Who Has Earned His Death

That is all, or ought to be. But others feel differently:

Logically, I would expect that if the government has evidence compelling enough to justify assassinating (or imprisoning forever) an American citizen, the government would prove its case in court.

In the world where someone has time and opportunity to capture the man and put him on trial? Sure! In the reality-based universe, however, Awlaki is busy trying to kill Americans as well as foreign people, therefore he has earned his death.

Too many self-styled “progressives” seem to think a SWAT team should surprise the man for extraction and Homicide: Life on the Street style confessional. We have tried that one before:

What’s that? You hate Predator strikes? Well, there were upwards of FIFTEEN HUNDRED SOMALIS killed in that there fiasco.

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