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They Would Rather Be Misinformed

In July, conservatives complained that health care reform was happening too fast; that there wasn’t enough time to read the legislation before voting on it. Now that they’ve had the entire month of August, half of July, and eight days of September to read the legislation, I am still finding wingnuts out there who complain “there hasn’t been time to read this legislation!”

By my reckoning, HR 3200 — the bill from the House of Representatives that so many Blue Dogs and Republicans have foisted in the air as simplistic ridicule — has been available online for 55 days.

You can read it here as HTML and here as a PDF. Yes, it’s long — over 1,000 pages. But if you can’t read twenty pages a day, then what in the world are you doing with an opinion of a document you can’t read?!

It’s par for the course: more than one Republican has admitted they haven’t read the bill and have no intention of reading it; they already know what’s in it, see, because Betsy McCaughey told them.

I realize this blog post is wasted electrons; no one saying “we haven’t had time” will actually take the time. They’d rather be misinformed than occupy themselves with thought.

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