How Breitbart’s Last War Began


Chris Faraone has written a blockbuster piece for The Phoenix this week about the world of right wing new media. Telling the larger story of Brett Kimberlin mania through the experiences of Nadia Naffe, former assistant to James O’Keefe, Faraone can only describe the surface of Planet Breitbart in ten thousand words. But there is plenty to […]

Watching Breitbart’s Throne


This morning, when I posted on Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey @Patterico, I used the words “Breitbart empire.” Naffe’s suit was in fact one subject of many among the last emails Andrew Breitbart exchanged before he died (.PDF). Breitbart was communicating with the Anon and Twitter troll known as @ZAPEM, […]