… Not As We Do

And also, an asshole.

Thanks to Jordan Ashby for the heads-up here. We have our own citizenship-renouncing rich shithead in Canada named Conrad Black. Call me quirky, but I view citizenship as a bit more sacred than something you just buy and sell, y’know?

Alabama Republicans Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

So the new Republican legislative majority was swept into power by fed-up, anxious Alabamians and pledged to fill the state’s yawning budget hole. They didn’t do it by, say, raising taxes on out-of-state corporations and millionaires — oh no! The middle class is bearing the burden…again: Employees of state agencies and public schools, two-year colleges […]

Don’t Tax Me, Bro

California has a budget problem. So does Alabama. I wish Trevor Stokes, writer at my local newspaper, could use boldface in print: Frustrated residents, about 40 strong, gathered Thursday to protest a proposed property tax increase that education officials hope will float the underfunded school system. The residents’ message: Find money within schools’ pockets, not […]

Tax Day Blog

I’ll be covering an event within walking distance of my house today, carrying a US Army flag and recording the events for posterity. For me, tax day is a great day to be an American, and more so this year than usual; thanks to the stimulus bill, I received a nice little tax credit that […]

Alabama Fail

I’ve written before about Alabama’s screwed-up, racist tax system. Now comes news that Alabama is not too big to fail: BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — It is hardly unusual these days for a government building to forgo a fresh paint job or regular lawn care to cut costs. But last week, the director of the Jefferson County […]

Self-Defeat and Extremism

Here’s Dick Cheney last weekend. Pay very close attention to the last thing he says in the video: I have to hand the Brass Balls award to Cheney. Invoking World War II as an example of the need for spending in wartime, then telling Americans to “go shopping” while simultaneously cutting taxes for the wealthiest […]