Former Rush Limbaugh Producer Also Tried To Win Time With Sandra Fluke


Last week, I reported that former James O’Keefe associate Kenneth C. Larrey had tried winning a charity auction for a strategy session with Sandra Fluke. A second “hostile bidder” has now been identified: The winning bidder was apparently RosieR, who bid $400. RosieR had been in something of a bidding war with two other bidders, SimonTemplar […]

Former Associate of James O’Keefe Tried To Win Time With Sandra Fluke


Rush Limbaugh spent three days smearing Sandra Fluke for the crime of telling Congress about her perspective on birth control access in health care plans; that hatchet-job sparked the StopRush movement. Yesterday, the Daily Caller reported that a charity auction had to be cut short by two days because of “harassing bids” for Fluke’s contributed item: The […]