Emails StopRush Volunteers Have Gotten From Limbaugh’s Fans


Ever since professional astroturfer Brian Glicklich identified ten StopRush volunteers last week and invited Rush Limbaugh’s fans to pester them by email, I’ve been collecting the results in a text file and posting at, where they keep getting taken down by the embarrassed people who wrote them. Funny how Glicklich’s “sauce for the liberal […]

Rush Limbaugh Losing Cumulus. Will Clear Channel Wake Up?

Cumulus Media is reportedly dropping both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from their talk show lineup at the end of the year. On one level, this is about the overall decline of conservative political rhetoric. But it also represents victory for the StopRush campaign, which Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey credited in May with a steep decline […]

#StopRush Down To Stripping Limbaugh’s PSAs

A dedicated StopRush volunteer named Carol Wallin will deliver 188,000 signatures to the AARP’s Washington, DC office at 10:00 AM today asking them to pull their PSAs from his show. I cannot improve on this press release. On Thursday, July 25, a representative from #StopRush will deliver a petition of 188,000 signatures to the AARP Office […]

Moments Brought To You By #StopRush: Limbaugh’s New Contract


Even after admitting that #StopRush has ruined his advertiser base, Rush Limbaugh is deflecting blame for the resulting losses at Cumulus Media — and says that if the CEO doesn’t stop saying mean things about him costing the company money, why he’ll just disappear in a cloud of butthurt. POLITICO: The news of Limbaugh’s possible departure […]

This Moment Brought To You By StopRush


Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh admitted that the StopRush movement has virtually destroyed his advertiser base. He could no longer pretend otherwise, as 2,638 advertisers have dumped his show. This morning, David Corn reported at Mother Jones that Republican consultant Frank Luntz told a college crowd this week that Limbaugh’s polarizing influence has become a net negative […]

Moments Brought To You By #StopRush


In the heady days of 2009, Michael Steele had to apologize for calling Rush Limbaugh “incendiary.” Four years later, Michael Steele isn’t apologizing for calling out Rush Limbaugh’s idiotic remarks about Tom Perez, Obama’s nominee for labor secretary. StopRush has not only deflated the value of the Limbaugh brand, but has actually moved him out of the […]

Rush Limbaugh Will Go The Way Of Glenn Beck


Back at the beginning of the StopRush movement, I called our grassroots social media backlash “a market correction in the value of Rush Limbaugh. We will not stop until Excellence In Broadcasting is a penny stock — just like Glenn Beck.” In fact, our successful advertiser contact campaign is modeled on the successful StopBeck campaign […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Biggest Fan On Twitter

Christopher Hermann's FreedomWorks Photo

Christopher Hermann of Canton, Ohio is a big fan of Rush Limbaugh. The above photo comes from his FreedomConnector profile at FreedomWorks, because Hermann is also a big fan of right wing political organizing on behalf of the 1%. As he is unemployed with no visible means of support, and almost certainly survives on public assistance, Hermann is […]

Former Rush Limbaugh Producer Also Tried To Win Time With Sandra Fluke


Last week, I reported that former James O’Keefe associate Kenneth C. Larrey had tried winning a charity auction for a strategy session with Sandra Fluke. A second “hostile bidder” has now been identified: The winning bidder was apparently RosieR, who bid $400. RosieR had been in something of a bidding war with two other bidders, SimonTemplar […]

Former Associate of James O’Keefe Tried To Win Time With Sandra Fluke


Rush Limbaugh spent three days smearing Sandra Fluke for the crime of telling Congress about her perspective on birth control access in health care plans; that hatchet-job sparked the StopRush movement. Yesterday, the Daily Caller reported that a charity auction had to be cut short by two days because of “harassing bids” for Fluke’s contributed item: The […]