Why Print Is Dead

Michael Hastings, Rolling Stone writer whose article took down General McChrystal, was asked why he risked his access by telling the truth: “Look, I went into journalism to do journalism, not advertising. My views are critical but that shouldn’t be mistaken for hostile – I’m just not a stenographer. There is a body of work […]

Are Comment Trolls An Endangered Species?

Article comments and opinion forums have been problematic for news sites, particularly newspapers, because the anonymous nature of comment systems makes them havens for slanderers, trolls, and paranoiacs. But comments have also been a huge part of the internet’s growth because web articles are ranked partly by the number of comments on them. It’s a […]


I can’t believe I’m actually reading this: FLORENCE – The TimesDaily is asking a Lauderdale County Circuit judge to temporarily halt the sale of Coffee Health Group and its assets to a private company until documents related to the sale are made available to the public. A hearing on the matter has not yet been […]

What Was I Saying About Paywalls?

Oh, yeah. I was saying the New York Times ought to give up on paywall strategies. They might look at their Long Island neighbor, Newsday, which erected a paywall three months ago and today enjoys a whopping thirty-five website subscribers. According to my public-school math, that’ll add up to an impressive $9100 in revenue for […]

NY Times To Repeat Paywall Fiasco

So the geniuses in charge of the Titanic Gray Lady have come up with another paywall plan. Because the last one worked so darn well they had to abandon it the following year. They’ll use a system like the one at Financial Times, which allows you to read two articles for free every month before […]

Print, 570, Dead

Invented by Gutenberg in 1439, print was declared dead yesterday with the closing of Editor & Publisher magazine. Print is survived by the internet and a family of wireless content devices, including the Kindle. Video from the 2008 Editor & Publisher Conference:

Print is Dead: Condé Nast Edition

In the wake of yesterday’s announcement that Condé Nast is cutting three well-known magazines from its lineup, Fortune‘s Stanley Bing is not surprised. Noting that Condé Nast hired a well-known hatchet man-consultant, Bing says: When desperate companies, at a loss for how to manage change or maintain the standing of their senior management, hire McKinsey, […]