Ukraine Leader Says Russia Wants To Set Southeast ‘On Fire’


Ukraine leader says Russia wants to set southeast ‘on fire’ (via AFP) Ukraine’s Western-backed leader on Tuesday accused Russia of trying to enflame the country’s southeast but said he would proceed cautiously against pro-Kremlin militias consolidating control in the volatile region. Oleksandr Turchynov’s impassioned…

Quantum Cryptography


Before you lose your mind over the possibility that the NSA will hack your medical records with a quantum computer, just remember that quantum cryptography is a real thing, too. Luddite paranoia about technology “informs” the majority of linkbaiting and rhetoric on this topic, which is a sad statement on our post-scientific media. Quantum computers […]

Snowden and Greenwald: The Areas Of Their Expertise

It must be nice to be Glenn Greenwald. He can claim expertise in things that he has never seen or touched, citing Edward Snowden as his authoritative source. Of course, Snowden has almost certainly never seen or touched those things he describes, either. This huckster act keeps earning credulous headlines from reputable journalists who don’t […]

On Drones, Stuxnet, And Dismal Statistics


Over the weekend, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported obtaining a Pakistani government report on drone strikes in tribal areas that largely confirms their estimates of civilian casualties. While the BIA deserves praise for crackerjack journalism, these numbers reinforce exactly the opposite conclusion than the one drone hysterics want to draw. Contrary to hyperbole, the […]

Behind The Irony Curtain: Edward Snowden’s Outlaw Getaway


Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro offered asylum to Edward Snowden, and Nicaragua and Bolivia and Ecuador agitated to win his residency too. Unhappy with this menu of possible refuges, Snowden is now asking Russia to let him defect. The prospect of a Russian pleading presents Glenn Greenwald with a problem, however: because it is actually against the […]

Snowden Flakes: Russian And Chinese Spies Are Smarter Than Glenn Greenwald

UPDATE: in an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post, Edward Snowden admits everything I just said below about his motivations and objectives: Edward Snowden secured a job with a US government contractor for one reason alone – to obtain evidence on Washington’s cyberspying networks, the South China Morning Post can reveal. For the first time, Snowden has […]

Drone Hysteria And Our Defense Of The Realm


Rand Paul probably thinks every confederate casualty at Gettysburg was the victim of an extrajudicial targeted killing. Filibustering the nomination of John Brennan today, Kentucky’s teapublican senator spoke for the Lost Cause, insisting that a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder this week is an unconstitutional slippery slope: “When I asked the president, ‘Can you kill […]