Patterico’s Nuts


Aaron Walker is a very bad lawyer, but he is also the blogging buddy of LA Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey. Walker inserted himself into a lawsuit that was none of his business and became East Blogistan’s chief martyr in its phony war against Brett Kimberlin. At the time, Kimberlin was suing a psychologically […]

Liberal Grouch Reads Patterico-Barrett Brown Chat Logs


When I wrote about Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico the other day, I mentioned Frey’s bizarre attempt to discredit Naffe’s attorney, Jay Liederman, through Barrett Brown, and I linked to a .PDF of the logs Brown kept of that conversation with Frey. Assuming it meets the criteria set […]

Patterico’s Friend Aaron Walker Is Not A Very Good Lawyer


Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico is a good friend of Aaron Walker, the primary right-wing blog martyr in the Brett Kimberlin narrative. Basically, Walker tried to insert himself into a civil case that was none of his business: Kimberlin was trying to win protection from Seth Allen, a mentally-ill conspiracy theorist and […]

Watching Breitbart’s Throne


This morning, when I posted on Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey @Patterico, I used the words “Breitbart empire.” Naffe’s suit was in fact one subject of many among the last emails Andrew Breitbart exchanged before he died (.PDF). Breitbart was communicating with the Anon and Twitter troll known as @ZAPEM, […]

The James O’Keefe Protection Racket


Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey, aka @Patterico, is being sued by Nadia Naffe, former confidante of James O’Keefe. Ken White, the blogging lawyer at Popehat, is a proud member of Frey’s pro bono defense team: Today I write to offer pleadings for anyone interested in the case, and a pleasing update regarding its […]

A Better Carmageddon

The closure of Los Angeles’ 405 Freeway was done ahead of schedule, with demolition completed yesterday. JetBlue’s widely-publicized $4 flights from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank to Long Beach inspired a competitive attitude among area bicyclists, who decided to have a race: The cyclists and a blogger aboard the JetBlue flight left at 10:50 a.m. […]