The Syrian Experiment

A street in Homs, Syria in 2011 and 2014

Unlike in Tripoli, there will be no direct American intervention in Damascus. At most, the United States and its Middle Eastern allies will continue to make the Syrian uprising possible through material support. Contrary to paranoiac expectations, President Obama does not seem inclined to ask Congress for any further authority, and because of Russia’s veto […]

Benghazi Is Not A Tom Clancy Novel


On CNN yesterday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) expressed dissonant disapproval of the president’s failure to teleport reinforcements to the US consulate in Benghazi. You have to admire the way he twists reality here: Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have — think about this — 15,000 contractors in Iraq. […]

Remember the Cain

The complete and uncut video of Herman Cain’s implosive non-answer to a simple question about Libya. He can’t articulate what he would have done differently because he doesn’t know anything about the conflict — he only knows the base expects an “OBAMA TOTALLY SUX!!!1″ in there somewhere. Because, you know, LEADERSHIP! How bad was this […]

Watch Out! Here Comes the Empire of Qatar


The Economist warns that a wide assortment of foreign actors stands to undermine the independence of the new Libya. And there’s a surprise: The worst offender is Qatar, according to several Tripoli-based diplomats. The small Gulf state was instrumental in arming the rebels. Earlier this year it sent hundreds of weapons shipments and military advisers […]

All The Devils Are Here: Moammar Gadafi


If you think that a comic about Gadafi’s death right now is “too soon,” take advantage of this comic’s “come back later” feature! (CLICK TO EMBIGGEN) Magic Love Hose makes comics for He lives in Canada where he can lob grenades into America’s political process from Minimum Safe Distance. This is his Twitter. Say […]

Why I’m Not a Drone Hysteric

Reaper Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS)

Drone fever: catch it! RT America, in August: The US will drop billions on defense spending with the purchasing of 55 Global Hawk drone planes over the next few years. Each of the four dozen-plus spy crafts comes at a price tag of $218 million apiece — ten times the price of the largest armed […]

The Power of Rock Compels Them


If the character in the Tripoli street art on the right looks familiar, then you’re probably a fan of the band Disturbed and their breakout cover of Land of Confusion. So are the Libyan youth who charged out to battle with Justin Bieber and other pop stars on their mp3 players. These kids aren’t particularly […]

Moammar Gadhafi Chose His Death


The Libyan revolution lasted nine months. According to the Vice President, America’s involvement cost the US taxpayer about $2 billion — less than one week’s expenses in Afghanistan. It turns out that helping people free themselves is cheaper in blood and treasure than making them be free for their own good. According to Al Jazeera, the […]

Rolling Up Libya In Detail


The southern city of Sabha has fallen; so have the Jufra Oasis towns of Hun, Waddan, and Sukna. Allegiances in a string of southern towns along the edge of the Sahara remain unknown. Algerian border crossings near Ghat and Ghadames will have to be rolled up. All of this is more important than the sieges […]