EPA Smog Rules Freakout is Ridiculous


First of all, let’s stop with the stupid sports metaphors. Really. If you need an analogy, smog regulations are a low card in a high stakes game, and Lisa Jackson is the queen of hearts when Obama needs spades. If you insist on baseball, smog reduction is a run, and Ray LaHood is Obama’s designated […]

Why Green Is A Winning Issue

Did I mention that my video wound up on TV? As I keep saying: the progressive generation will advocate for a green energy future…and do it very well. The president needs to unleash these kids on cap & trade opposition.

Yes To Tesla

This is one badass car; and as little as I actually need a car, it can actually run off a solar roof  even in Alabama. That’s all my travel made green for monthly payments as low as $1,658. First company that builds a version for family use costing under $500 a month wins the Car […]

Afghanistan, Green Energy, And War

There’s a Plan B after all. Afghanistan turns out to have enormous metal deposits: So far, the biggest mineral deposits discovered are of iron and copper, and the quantities are large enough to make Afghanistan a major world producer of both, United States officials said. Other finds include large deposits of niobium, a soft metal […]

Capitalism and Climate

Despite all the noise about climategate, it turns out that one very important and influential set of people is betting long on climate change: capitalists. From MoJo: Companies, of course, exist to make money. That’s often what makes them seem so rapacious. But their primal greed also plants them inevitably in the “reality-based community.” If […]

Blow The Green Bubble


He’s more than a gaffe-prone distraction from the president; he’s also a change-agent. Vice President Joe Biden told a room full of Wall-Street Democrats some things they might not like to hear: And so the current moment also poses a challenge to folks like you, who work so hard to give advice to policymakers, especially […]

Don Blankenship Must Diet

Via ThinkProgress: Shares of Massey have been shrinking. If ever there was a CEO worth hating, it is Don Blankenship. His mines are the Ford Pinto of the industry and he hasn’t the decency to think his miners’ lives are worth the investment. Worse, he has systematically raped the landscape of West Virginia, robbing future […]

Electrical Resistance

Scientific American asks whether politics will slow the development of wind power. Apparently, wind farming in the plains states is so lucrative that Influential natural gas producers and generators in Texas are worried. They are demanding that the state’s wind developers share the costs of backup natural gas generators that must pick up the slack […]

Green Becomes Strategic

China is betting long on green, but also disturbing strategic planners in the way Germans and French played brinksman with coal and iron once upon a time, and Russia does with gas and oil. The irony is that these green metals have been mined in the most polluting of ways: The Ministry of Industry and […]

Green Stimulus

This is how you convert to a green economy in a red state: TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas launched a new energy efficiency program Tuesday to make low-interest loans available to several thousand home owners and small businesses for upgrading insulation, installing new furnaces and sealing air-leaking doors and windows. Gov. Mark Parkinson said officials have […]

Iran Admits to Torture of Protesters

From the British Guardian: Iran’s police chief admitted yesterday that protesters who were arrested after June’s disputed presidential election had been tortured while in custody in a prison in south-west Tehran. But he denied that any of the detainees had died as a result. General Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam said the head of the Kahrizak detention […]