Archives: Glenn Beck’s Two-Week Video Mystery Solved in 5 Minutes

This post ran September 3rd, 2009 and was my only experience with being on the front page. Remember Glenn Beck’s mysteeerious video of Obama’s Secret Negro Army?™ It’s pretty much the foundation of his entire conspiracy theory on the impending takeover of the country by armed Obama thugs, and serves today as the linchpin of […]

The New Religion Of The Righteous

Mississippi has nowhere to go but up. And if we pull Barbour’s finger, he can maybe show us how much he cares about civil rights for Mississippians. A #1stAL hashtag follower tweeted me this Matt Yglesias find at TIME about Ross Barnett, segregationist elected governor of Mississippi in 1959. The words have a sinister echo: […]

A Glenn Beck Burn Notice

He’s just making shit up now. What George Soros actually said: SOROS: Look, I think — I think you put your finger on a very important flaw in the current world order, and that is that only Americans have a vote in Congress. And yet, it is the United States that basically determines policy for […]

Clown Cosmology

Zeroing in on Glenn Beck’s Ayn Rand-inflected brand of Bircher tea, Mark at NewsCorpse notes that in the clown’s cosmology, We are the problem. And to fix it Beck has suddenly adopted the notion of shared sacrifice, a concept he previously regarded as abhorrent and a product of the socialistic ideology that he believes diminishes […]

BeckStock Blogotubing

My one man coverage of the gathering of the Beckerheads begins! Will update after I get my coffee… Wow, a two-hour coffee break? Not really! FUCK COMCAST. These mysterious internet outages are the main reason I’m getting out of this apartment. Assuming that I can stay online, I’ll pick up now with the Reverend C.L. […]