Breitbart’s Last War


So as I said all along, the right wing obsessives aren’t kidding when they tweet about #war and yap about “open war on Twitter.” And I was right to worry that Andrew Breitbart’s cultists would carry on the project in his name, but without his guidance. It turns out that before he died, the habitual […]

Will the FBI Now Investigate @Shoq and @OsborneInk’s “Harassment” of @AngryBlackLady?

Seriously?? HOW??

But… but… but I thought this whole ordeal was about @Shoq verbally abusing @vdaze in an 8-month old voicemail.¬†Did something change? As I carefully illustrated this week, and @vdaze confirmed with her FBI ploy, there are indeed other tensions in the background of all of this @Shoq-drama. In this tweet,¬†Imani Gandy confirms the core of […]