Is the World’s Longest-Running Performance Art Piece Finally Ending?

Neal Rauhauser (pictured) is really into performance art — ultimate, endurance performance art. He has spent much of the last two years perpetrating a merry prank that right wing bloggers have taken all too seriously. Indeed, Rauhauser’s epic comedy routine has consistently driven them to distraction ever since he earned their attention and enmity during […]

Alternative Horoscopes by Anna


Astrology has been suffering a crisis lately, as knowledge becomes general that our actual sky is incompatible with the “signs” astrologers see. As a result, there have been pseudoscientific efforts to reinvent the “science” of popular astrology — which, being more art than science, has produced mixed results. Via p0pkult, here’s my new favorite alternative […]

Neither Gaza, Nor Lebanon. My Life For Iran

Today was Quds Day in Iran: the last Friday during Ramadan, when the clerical government encourages citizens to display their hate for Israel with marches and chants. Ahmadinejad gave a speech filled with Holocaust denial and apocalyptic language towards Israel. But the crowds turned Ayatollah Khomeini’s day of hate into an opposition rally; wearing green, […]

Iran: Slogan Jamming

Three things about the following video, which comes via Nico Pitney’s Iran blog at Huffington Post, need explanation: first, it’s obviously been made with a microcamera hidden on someone’s body. That speaks volumes about the way technology eats away at a regime’s ability to connect with the world while maintaining an authoritarian grip. Second, the […]