The Lost Horizon Hypothesis: Did Xinjiang Separatists Hijack Flight MH370? (UPDATE)


UPDATE: Scrutiny of the pilots of Flight MH370 has intensified, but nothing so far disproves the Lost Horizon hypothesis, not even a homemade flight simulator. To my mind, the clarified timeline of events supports a scenario in which the pilots acted under duress and according to instructions from a hijacker. From the Associated Press: Authorities have said […]

Austin Smith Clem Must Be Kept Away From Children


Austin Smith Clem was found guilty of molesting and repeatedly raping a teenager, but will spend no time in prison for it. The more I hear from his attorney, the more outrageous this story gets: “It would seem to be relatively mild,” Totten tells Mother Jones. “But [Clem’s] lifestyle for the next six years is […]

The Tea Party Is Breaking Bad


Remember the IRS “scandal”? At least one tea party “dark money” group seems to have gone past a line somewhere and become exactly the sort of criminal political organization that the IRS and other law enforcement agencies are supposed to prevent. In a sharply worded ruling, a federal judge in Montana said Tuesday that documents found […]

Talking To The FBI


One week ago today, someone made a false report to the FBI concerning an apparent threat to their Buffalo, NY office. At about four o’clock in the afternoon, I was notified that a Special Agent from the Birmingham office was looking for me at my mail drop address accompanied by a local police officer. I […]

The William Talley Burn Notice: Final Update

Picture via the Tennessean. The following update has been added to The William Talley Burn Notice: Bill Talley, a former health-care executive turned social media personality, will serve one year in prison and eight years’ probation for possessing hundreds of child pornography files. The sentencing on Wednesday resolves charges that Talley has been fighting the […]

William Talley Sentenced To Prison


William Talley aka @Political_Bill on Twitter was sentenced to one year in prison and eight years of probation for possession of child pornography. My tweets reporting the decision are included in a Chirpstory below. Bobby Allyn has also written an excellent piece for tomorrow’s Tennessean. I will have more to say tomorrow. Right now I am […]

Jason Wade Taylor Arrested, Held As “Fugitive From Justice” (UPDATE)

Jason Wade Taylor's mugshot from a 2007 arrest

Jason Wade Taylor aka “Randy Hahn” was arrested Saturday afternoon at an off-ramp on Interstate 25 in El Paso County, Colorado after assaulting a woman he had met online. While she did not press charges, he is being held as a fugitive from justice. A hearing will be held today in Colorado Springs and this […]

(CORRECTION) @UniteBlue Did Not Receive a Stolen Twitter Account


Mar 4 – CORRECTION: In attempting to prove his ownership of the @ConnectTheLeft Twitter account, Simon @SimonSayeth published the incorrect email from Twitter. Below is a bumped, amended slideshow presenting his newly-recovered, correct proof of ownership for @ConnectTheLeft. Simon is therefore not a Twitter thief, he is merely a cybersquatter. Further analysis below: As I […]

Crazy In Alabama

You know how the NRA always says that new gun laws won’t stop the latest tragedy from happening again? That is at least as true about SB15. Now sailing through the state house, this bill will make it a crime for an unauthorized adult to enter a school bus in the state of Alabama. Via School […]