(CORRECTION) @UniteBlue Did Not Receive a Stolen Twitter Account


Mar 4 – CORRECTION: In attempting to prove his ownership of the @ConnectTheLeft Twitter account, Simon @SimonSayeth published the incorrect email from Twitter. Below is a bumped, amended slideshow presenting his newly-recovered, correct proof of ownership for @ConnectTheLeft. Simon is therefore not a Twitter thief, he is merely a cybersquatter. Further analysis below: As I […]


I, not “we,” made an error in the Sunday edition of Osborne Ink. By failing to sufficiently fact-check a timeline, I included Michelle Malkin’s screencapture in a post on FreedomWorks’ vastly inflated attendance estimates. Having ensured the fairness of Osborne Ink, here is the balance: Further balance from TPM: FreedomWorks, the main organizers of the […]