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Not Your Personal Army: How Unite Blue Ignited A War With Anonymous And Then Tried To Blame Their Critics

The Anonymous hacktivist collective likes to say they are Not Your Personal Army (NYPA), meaning they do not care about your petty dramas and issues and will not respond to attempted incitement. Politically, Anons tend to fall into the libertarian-progressive … Continue reading

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The William Talley Burn Notice

William “Bill” Talley aka @Political_Bill on Twitter (pictured) is a convicted sex offender who has managed to stay out of prison during the appeals process. Continue reading

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Liberal Grouch Reads Patterico-Barrett Brown Chat Logs

When I wrote about Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico the other day, I mentioned Frey’s bizarre attempt to discredit Naffe’s attorney, Jay Liederman, through Barrett Brown, and I linked to a .PDF of … Continue reading

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The Union Civil War Hat Makes This Perfect

This Yankee knows how to aim under pressure. I don’t know who he is, but I believe the 1st Alabama Cavalry would’ve issued this man a Sharps carbine without hesitation. An awesome performance under pressure:

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