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Brett Kimberlin Is Not The Watchful Avenger

Prompted by some tweets, last night I did something that I have avoided doing for over a year now. By reaching out to a few contacts, I obtained Brett Kimberlin’s phone number and called him. We spoke for a few … Continue reading

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Ken White Knows Who The Real Bullies Are

Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey aka @Patterico posted unredacted documents (.PDF) at his blog revealing Nadia Naffe’s personal and medical information, then treated Twitter as his courtroom to cross-examine her (.PDF). As a result, her credit was ruined by identity thieves and her hiring … Continue reading

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The Brett Kimberlin Free Association Game

As I keep saying, last June a gang of Breitbart goons came into my Twitter timeline trying to push an absurd story about Brett Kimberlin into a story I was telling about Jason Wade Taylor, a con artist who had … Continue reading

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Aaron Walker’s Downfall

Blogging lunatic and Islamophobe Aaron Walker and his friend W.J.J. Hoge saw their criminal complaints against Bill Schmalfeldt get nixed by a Maryland judge yesterday. Lee Stranahan loses right along with them. I have made the following Downfall parody video … Continue reading

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The Walker Jihad And The Stranahan Clan

Aaron Walker is not a very good lawyer. In fact, he’s a pretty terrible one. His lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin was ordered out of federal court months ago. Dan Backer, the high-powered DC attorney behind the Bloggers Defense Fund which … Continue reading

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Patterico’s Nuts

Aaron Walker is a very bad lawyer, but he is also the blogging buddy of LA Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey. Walker inserted himself into a lawsuit that was none of his business and became East Blogistan’s chief martyr … Continue reading

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Patterico’s Friend Aaron Walker Is Not A Very Good Lawyer

Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico is a good friend of Aaron Walker, the primary right-wing blog martyr in the Brett Kimberlin narrative. Basically, Walker tried to insert himself into a civil case that was none of his … Continue reading

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