Rush Limbaugh’s $900/Hour Extortionist Doesn’t Want You To See These Pictures

Professional astroturfer and reputational ‘hit man’ Brian Glicklich is very, very butthurt that I won’t stop talking about his deranged stalking of StopRush activists. He is particularly put-out by my post Monday at which exposed his lame attempt to extort me into silence — in fact, he filed a DMCA takedown notice against the website host yesterday over a couple of pictures that I used. It’s bullshit, of course, but I have nevertheless removed the pictures from BU for now. I’m OK with this decision as a legal tactic because it’s exactly the sort of reason why I moved to an offshore server behind Cloudflare in the first place. 

Above is the first photo that has Glicklich whining about copyright. Glicklich uses that photo on his Twitter profile, and like any good web reporter I have used his own image to discuss his extortion activities on the social network. He’s a person who works for public figures and makes extraordinary amounts of money by attacking and smearing those clients’ enemies in social media, which makes him a perfectly valid subject of public discussion. Glicklich spends some part of every day creeping on activists, publishing their home addresses, and figuring out new ways to harass, intimidate, and silence them. He’s doing it to me right now with a web domain that has my name in it because he doesn’t think I’ll push back. And he would rather none of us talked about these activities, especially when he calls StopRush activists in the wee hours of the morning to rant about third parties they don’t know.

Here is the second ‘photo.’ It’s actually a screenshot of Glicklich’s wedding picture as it was posted on Glenn Beck’s Facebook page in November. See Limbaugh and Beck there? See sports talk personality Jim Rome on the right? The image below is not a “stolen picture,” it’s a screenshot of a picture in its context as Glenn Beck posted it. Glicklich is throwing legal threats at a web host to snuff out legitimate commentary on his connections to powerful and wealthy clients as well as his continuing efforts to chill the free speech of activists who talk to their sponsors.


Remember, Beck’s TV career was destroyed by an advertiser contact campaign, while Limbaugh has managed to drag Clear Channel down into junk bond irrelevance. Glicklich’s campaign of personal destruction on behalf of his rich and powerful friends is being driven by millions of dollars in lost revenue. Keep that in mind while he’s trashing everyday Americans for the ‘crime’ of reading Rush Limbaugh’s words verbatim to his sponsors.