Exhibits Page for the Twitter Brigade Burn Notice

This page contains full-length exhibits for the @Shoq Twitter Brigade Burn Notice.

Darshann’s Ticket

Darshann’s May 7 Email

Darshann’s July 13 Email

Jessica’s July 13 Email Reply to @Shoq

Darshann’s August 3 Email

@Shoq’s August 5th Emails To Jessica

Ridiculous Overreaction to @Shoq’s Paris Hilton Observation

Heather’s Letter of Introduction

Leaked @Shoq Pics That Were Received Only by Heather Chase and @vdaze

Heather’s Twitter Profile

Heather Suggests @vdaze Leaked Pics

Heather Offers to Help With Randy

Heather Helps Research Jason Leopold and His Friends

Heather Takes Part in @Shoq’s Traqq Web Development Project

Heather Declares War Because Matt Osborne Asked People if They Had Ever Actually Met Her

Heather Apologizes for Blowing Up @Shoq’s Relationship With @vdaze

@Shoq Emails @vdaze About @MiltShook and @AngryBlackLady

Heather Sends Intimate Photos to @Shoq

Matt Osborne’s Email to @vdaze

Credit is as Credit Does

Sunday October 14 Harassment