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Slingshot Zombiehammer with Skull Ejector

It’s the guy’s accent that makes this perfect. Via P0pkult.

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Everyone Please Stop Whining About Elizabeth Warren. She Doesn’t Even Want the Appointment

Enough with the firebagging. Elizabeth Warren is married to a Harvard professor with no interest in moving to Washington, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to commute there from Boston either.  Ryan Grim at HuffPo: Elizabeth Warren made it … Continue reading

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Things You Need to Know for the Zombie Apocalypse

How to mercifully dispatch a chicken. You will still get colds and need chicken soup, after all.

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Zombie Outrage

Politico got a copy of a GOP memo we weren’t supposed to see: The most unusual section of the presentation is a set of six slides headed “RNC Marketing 101.” The presentation divides fundraising into two traditional categories, direct marketing … Continue reading

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The Watermelon Solution

Reality continues to intrude on the climategate zombies, but only the “liberal extremist” channel reports it: With the world losing the battle against global warming so far, experts are warning that humans need to follow nature’s example: Adapt or die. … Continue reading

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The Life-Cycle of Nontroversy

If Sen. Feingold was trying to get the “czars” nontroversy out in the open, he succeeded. Five constitutional experts told his Senate committee yesterday that the policy positions are perfectly legal, and have been since Franklin Roosevelt: “The president’s personal … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor

From yesterday’s Times Daily: In his forthcoming posthumous memoir, Ted Kennedy describes his actions in the 1969 Chappaquiddick accident as “inexcusable” and says that at the time he was afraid, overwhelmed “and made terrible decisions.” Writing that he lived with … Continue reading

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Bob Cesca’s Sense Of Deja Vu

Comrade Cesca has a bad feeling: my on-going “this healthcare fight is almost more stressful than the campaign” sense of deja vu Bob is exactly right; in some ways, August has been more stressful than the 2008 presidential race. But … Continue reading

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Town Hall Zombie Apocalypse

Republicans talk about H.R. 3200 as if it were a marauding army of zombies. They say health care reform will eat your grandma and your babies. It will eat Republicans. It will eat your flesh, starting with your penis. Shrill, … Continue reading

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What’s Gov Got To Do With It?

Via Thump and Whip, Representative Olson (R-TX) tells a tearjerker of a story about the evils of socialized medicine. Except the government has nothing to do with the story. My favorite part? When one voice points out the contradiction, a … Continue reading

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Zombie Outrage

Zombie Outrage™ with extra tinfoil-hattery and a side of hypocrisy! Rep. Franks (R-Necromancer) is so Christian-y he can raise talking points from the dead: The other main issue dealt with numerous speakers questioning Obama’s birth certificate and why there wasn’t … Continue reading

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