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Teh Stupid™ Must Be Destroyed

I am dealing with wingnuts of left AND right persuasion all over my newest YouTube offer. My favorite so far: Wingnut: Why didnt the building come down in seconds like WTC buildings at 9/11. uummm thats weird. I guess the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“The Science of Liberty.” How’s that for a definition of political science? Timothy Ferris at HuffPo: Science is inherently antiauthoritarian: If a theory fails experimental test it doesn’t matter how smart or powerful its proponents may be. Science is also … Continue reading

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Madrassa: Foreign Words Are Scary!

I was cleaning up my office this morning when I came across my Hans-Wehr Arabic-English dictionary. This beaten-up, well-thumbed volume traveled with me throughout my military career; it’s become a keepsake. It even still has the words “STOLEN FROM PFC … Continue reading

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