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Best Political Ad

This recall ad from Wisconsin can stand in for austerity economics everywhere. This is what Republicans mean to enact on a national scale. Unless they are stopped, we will all live in Wisconsin.

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Morning Awful: Wisconsin Budget Cuts

Scott Walker and Republican legislators have cut back reimbursement to care facilities, and mentally disabled adults are being put on the street: The guardians for 21 mentally disabled adults in western Wisconsin were served notice in early April that their … Continue reading

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The culture warriors will have their idiocracy and have it now, thank you: MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker and GOP leaders have launched a push to ram several years’ worth of conservative agenda items through the Legislature … Continue reading

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This Is Not About Obama

I was struck last night by the familiar ring of some progressive calls for Obama to display solidarity with unions from the bully pulpit. You know…kinda like he already did a week ago: Obama accused Scott Walker, the state’s new … Continue reading

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