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Teabaggers Failing

The wingnutosphere is restless; right-wing netizens seem to be in a mood for choking games with Michael Steele’s cash flow: Earlier today, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin published one of what has become a series of posts about previous donors to … Continue reading

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Teh Stupid™ Must Be Destroyed

I am dealing with wingnuts of left AND right persuasion all over my newest YouTube offer. My favorite so far: Wingnut: Why didnt the building come down in seconds like WTC buildings at 9/11. uummm thats weird. I guess the … Continue reading

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Joseph Stack Was Unregistered

Social media is already full of wingnuttery on the subject of Joseph Stack. Not just Facebook Fan pages, of course, but YouTube videos proclaiming him a hero — or declaring a government psyop in progress. I missed most of the … Continue reading

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Kitchen Romance

A revealing moment in the kitchen romance of Beck and Palin: Challenged, Palin reaches for the only name she can recall.

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Glenn Beck Fiasco

There are fails, and then there is the rarefied realm of fiasco. No, Glenn. There are TWO letters missing…C? Adding: Media Matters has a great article up tying Beck’s insanity to Alex Jones.

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Teabagger Fail

Why spelling is important: Because no woman should be without a pubic option. WINGNUTS ARE SMART! With SPELLING!

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Creationist Fail

Dinosaur Adventure Land, the creationist theme park in Florida where you can take your family to be indoctrinated into a Flintstones-based belief system, is being seized by the IRS after its founder-owners were convicted of tax fraud. Apparently, they thought … Continue reading

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Another Wingnut Fail (UPDATE)

World Net Daily, a website that seems wholly devoted to spreading wacky Obama smears, was trumpeting “proof” of their birther claims yesterday: WASHINGTON – California attorney Orly Taitz, who has filed a number of lawsuits demanding proof of Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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Obama is Antichrist (or: What’s in a Name?)

I realize it’s a little like banging my head on the wall, but Teh Stupid™ demands refutation. Via Crooks & Liars, we learn that another meme stands ready to replace birtherism among the fringe: Obama is the Antichrist! Sigh. The … Continue reading

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Wingnut Fail

This one hits close to home. Parker Griffith, my representative in Congress (a Blue Cross Democrat) was accused of “cutting a deal” on health care reform. Except that he isn’t even on the committee they’re screaming about. Talk radio shows … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Fail

You might think it impossible for Glenn Beck to keep topping himself for Teh Stupid™, but here it is: a rant about sea turtles and otters. Beck’s blowing a dog-whistle here: the bit about spending 80% of the turtle conservation … Continue reading

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