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Liberal Grouch Reads Patterico-Barrett Brown Chat Logs

When I wrote about Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico the other day, I mentioned Frey’s bizarre attempt to discredit Naffe’s attorney, Jay Liederman, through Barrett Brown, and I linked to a .PDF of … Continue reading

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Patterico’s Friend Aaron Walker Is Not A Very Good Lawyer

Los Angeles Deputy DA John Patrick Frey @Patterico is a good friend of Aaron Walker, the primary right-wing blog martyr in the Brett Kimberlin narrative. Basically, Walker tried to insert himself into a civil case that was none of his … Continue reading

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The James O’Keefe Protection Racket

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey, aka @Patterico, is being sued by Nadia Naffe, former confidante of James O’Keefe. Ken White, the blogging lawyer at Popehat, is a proud member of Frey’s pro bono defense team: Today I write … Continue reading

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Former Associate of James O’Keefe Tried To Win Time With Sandra Fluke

Rush Limbaugh spent three days smearing Sandra Fluke for the crime of telling Congress about her perspective on birth control access in health care plans; that hatchet-job sparked the StopRush movement. Yesterday, the Daily Caller reported that a charity auction had … Continue reading

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Jason Wade Taylor “Coming After Me” With His Sock Puppet Army

The right wing “operative” responsible for the long con of Imani Gandy and Heather Chase has been through tough times lately. By leveraging his “reputation” as an infiltrator of progressive online startups, he hoped to gain the attention level of … Continue reading

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The Truth About Neal Rauhauser

They made Neal Rauhauser into a left-wing supervillain because they wanted and needed one so badly. And for a moment, right wing bloggers seemed to finally be picking on someone their own size, because no one could find Rauhauser to … Continue reading

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Is the World’s Longest-Running Performance Art Piece Finally Ending?

Neal Rauhauser (pictured) is really into performance art — ultimate, endurance performance art. He has spent much of the last two years perpetrating a merry prank that right wing bloggers have taken all too seriously. Indeed, Rauhauser’s epic comedy routine … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Wingnuts, In A Nutshell

They double down on the absolutism and purge their party in the process. Demanding purity, they lobby for a retrograde agenda. Weigel points to three planks in Maine’s new GOP platform: – Return to the principles of Austrian Economics, and … Continue reading

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Teabaggers Failing

The wingnutosphere is restless; right-wing netizens seem to be in a mood for choking games with Michael Steele’s cash flow: Earlier today, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin published one of what has become a series of posts about previous donors to … Continue reading

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Kristol Quoted

An exercise in surrealism via ThinkProgress: WALLACE: Bill, you certainly are an expert in this area. The two leading candidates seem to be the current prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and the original prime minister [Ayad] Allawi. From the U.S. point … Continue reading

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Teh Stupid™ Must Be Destroyed

I am dealing with wingnuts of left AND right persuasion all over my newest YouTube offer. My favorite so far: Wingnut: Why didnt the building come down in seconds like WTC buildings at 9/11. uummm thats weird. I guess the … Continue reading

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