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Wingnuts Set Sights On Valerie Jarrett

Jason Linkins reported yesterday that Wing Nut Daily™ has set its sights on Obama adviser Valerie Jarret with the same redbaiting nonsense that brought down Van Jones: There’s no real attempt to divine crypto-Communism from Valerie Jarrett’s own words, actions, … Continue reading

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Wing Nut Daily Watch

Joseph Farah, the founder, editor, and CEO of World Net Wing Nut Daily has endorsed Sean Hannity for president: Hannity has made many friends in his careers in radio and TV. That is important because he can be a uniter, … Continue reading

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Mrs. Bachmann, God is On Line Six

“If I am called to serve in that realm I would serve,” she concluded, “but if I am not called, I wouldn’t do it.” Context is everything: Michele Bachmann said those words when arch-birther website World Net Daily asked if … Continue reading

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