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It’s Politics In Summer, Yayyyyy

Thank God the state of the United States free press is strong, and no such falsehood would ever stand.

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Morning Awful: What Freedoms Are Not Free

Yes, they banned Batman costumes from theaters. Because the lesson of Batman is when the Joker commits a crime, you should go beat up a jaywalker in response.

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Mitt Romney Goes to Comic-Con

There are some places where having an opinion and expressing it will not cause any problems. A convention of nerds is not one of those places. Happy Nerd Prom!

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The Most Important Sandwich in America

Yes, he initially sided with the “fuck the uninsured” faction. Let’s not come that close again, okay?

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Campaign Finance Reform and Also, WTF

Pictures found here. Ideally campaigns should be financed by public funds with no outside spending. I have no idea how to get there.

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Other Censored TED Talks

I actually really like TED Talks. But c’mon.

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… Not As We Do

Thanks to Jordan Ashby for the heads-up here. We have our own citizenship-renouncing rich shithead in Canada named Conrad Black. Call me quirky, but I view citizenship as a bit more sacred than something you just buy and sell, y’know?

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A Big Thank You

He raised a million dollars in the ninety minutes after the announcement. I think he’s going to be okay.

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The Arc Of The Universe

They passed the amendment because they knew what was coming and it shook them to the bone.

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(Something Witty About CISPA)

CISPA is bad for people with normal heads too. Information on contacting your representatives in the Senate available here. SOPA/PIPA went down; we can win this fight too, but only if we show up.

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We Hold The Right To Party to be Inalienable

I know it’s horribly white of me to say that the Beastie Boys were my favorite R&B group, but, well – they were. And it’s just plain horrible that just last week, that wasn’t a “were,” but an “are.” Rest … Continue reading

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