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Celebrity Distractions

Naomi Campbell is taking up the Tiger Woods slack, going on the lam after her driver accused the supermodel of slapping and punching him as he drove her through the city. After the alleged incident, the driver pulled over and … Continue reading

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Balloon Boy’s Dad Is Apocalypse Nut

Gawker reportedly paid $8000 for the inside scoop on Richard Heene. Yes, it was a publicity stunt; Heene wanted to get a new reality show. But while Richard Thomas wanted to develop a science-based reality series, he says Heene had … Continue reading

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a White Bronco!

Posted by MM Thursday, all of America was distracted by a bright, shiny object. For two hours, every major news source followed the slow progress of a homemade blimp, and reported with very little skepticism about the 6 year old … Continue reading

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Anna Nichole Smith Still Dead, Sources Say

JUST LOOK AT THIS CRAP! Okay, I get it. Michael Jackson is dead. That’s obviously more important than the news coming out of Iran, spineless and/or corrupt senators quietly spiking the health care bill, the newest revelations from the Nixon … Continue reading

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