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Obama’s First Fight With Democrats

Obama is bringing the first Gitmo prisoner to New York for trial. Senate Democrats voted overwhelmingly against funds for closing the Gitmo facility, explaining that they want to see Obama’s plan first. Even Jim Webb, a Senator I actually respect, … Continue reading

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Chris Weigant Nails It

I was going to take a night off from blogging to work on a short story about zombies, but I can’t resist the temptation to post this link. Chris Weigant is a consistently insightful blogger, and his “Friday Talking Points” … Continue reading

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Torture Serves Politics, not Intelligence

Torture is wrong, and there ends the moral argument against it. For while this truth is unimpeachable, it doesn’t settle the matter. Humans do all kinds of wrong things for expedient reasons. Now that the Vice President has bluntly acknowledged … Continue reading

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The Torture Fallacy

You, sitting there reading this. Sit still. Do not move. We are coming to get you. You have been accused of crimes against America, and your only hope is to confess. We have prepared a cell in a secure and … Continue reading

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