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There’s a Place for Women in Pat BuchananLand

Poor Pat. Stuck in the South of the 1850s, where black people were slaves and women were meant to keep their mouths shut and stay in the background. There’s a place for black people and women in Pat’s neat, orderly, … Continue reading

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What the MSM is Missing on the Latest House Abortion Bill

Something has been missing from coverage of Trent Franks’ (R-AZ) failed attempt to pass a law against “sex selection” abortion. In the above clip, no one — not even Irin Carmon of — mentions the recent release of Planned … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: AZ Fits Big Government for a Womb

The War on Women is an ugly phrase for an ugly side of teapublicanism. As I keep saying, the tea tide has been the end stage of Goldwater Republicanism, which has always been dissonant on family planning. In Arizona, a … Continue reading

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Alabama State House Rally for Women’s Rights

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Bill Maher Is Not Foster Freiss

Now the Republicans are trying bullying tactics again. They’re after the Democrats to return the million-dollar donation Bill Maher made to the President’s SuperPAC because of “offensive” remarks Maher allegedly made about the fragrant Ann Romney on his panel show … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent Is Worse Than Hilary Rosen, But Willard Says Nothing

When Mrs Romney took umbrage at Hilary Rosen’s inopportune, but truthful, remarks, her husband and the Republican party declared that the Democrats were against stay-at-home moms. And so the President and every ranking Democrat moved quickly to disavow Rosen’s remarks … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Romney Class War on Moms

Romney says women should vote for him because they really care about the economy and jobs. But when it comes to specific issues like equal pay for equal work, or birth control coverage in their insurance plans, or paid sick … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: an Education in Slut Shaming

Cathy Samford didn’t expect to get pregnant. She also didn’t expect to be fired from her teaching job at Heritage Christian Academy in Texas, but culture war is at heart education war. Headmaster Dr. Ron Taylor explains his reasoning: “It … Continue reading

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The Human Face of Religious and Sexual Repression in the United States, Courtesy of the Republican Party

As the speculation regarding the identity of Willard’s Vice-Presidential running mate begins, we know that he will have to veer to the Right in order to appease the Republican base, who trust Willard even less than the Rushbots trusted John … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: McConnell Manufacturing

The Republican Senate Majority Leader calls the War on Women “manufactured:” Get that? It’s not that Republican Senators tried to strip women of birth control access rights in their insurance plans, or the transvaginal probing bills and personhood legislation in … Continue reading

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Martin Bashir Understands the President’s Message to Women; Alex Wagner Doesn’t. Are You Surprised?

Sometimes women are ill-served by their own, especially in the political punditry field, on both the Right and the Left. We’ve all seen how the Rightwing women pundits have one rule for their divine selves and expect the hoi-polloi to … Continue reading

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