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Couldn’t See This Coming

How tone-deaf is the GOP? They’re actively chasing Wall Street money on an anti-reform agenda in the wake of the biggest bailout in world history. Which is about as stupid as Mondale’s pledge to raise taxes, because the Democrats are … Continue reading

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Obama Versus Wall Street

It was a rare agreement yesterday morning as Robert Reich and Pat Buchanan discussed the year-old financial crisis: The exchange tells us once again how very bipartisan the issue remains. Meanwhile, in New York, President Obama was declaring the days … Continue reading

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Remember all those billion$ overpaid in Iraq with absolutely no oversight? The Medicare Part D bill that was more expensive than advertised? Or the bridge to nowhere? Take a wild guess how well the outgoing Bush administration accounted for the … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake

So just days after Bank of America Corp. got another $25 billion bailout from the taxpayer, they used some of that money to hold a conference call with business leaders and conservative activists. The subject? How to stop America’s retail … Continue reading

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Things That Scare You

World stock markets tumbled today, with the Dow Jones dropping below 9,000 for the first time since 2003. Trillions of dollars in value have gone up in smoke. Americans on the cusp of retirement are canceling their golden years. We … Continue reading

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Hey GOP, have a cup of STFU

It’s too much. In what has to be the worst political gamble of my lifetime, House Republicans killed the bailout and then tried to blame Nancy Pelosi. Barney Frank, of all people, destroyed the GOP spin in a single sound … Continue reading

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Did McCain Just Overreach?

The big story tonight is that the bailout deal is off for now, and maybe over for good, because Bush tried turning it into a bailout plan for McCain’s election chances. How in the world did Bush and McCain think … Continue reading

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The Bailout Needs a Bailout

The public and Congress are both turning against the bailout plan — and with reason. In fact, the reasons for opposing this bailout grow by the hour. We had thirty-two more reasons today: Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the … Continue reading

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Just Say No to the Bailout — this one, anyway

If I had the power to do a commercial about the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, it would feature George Bush holding a fistful of money. “This is your money,” a voiceover would say. Then the camera would pan back … Continue reading

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